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About the FestiCon:

The TrekZac FestiCon is a one-room mini Star Trek convention (though very, very different), with as much participation as possible drawn from Toronto's independent arts community. The event is also a fundraiser for the Tranzac Club (all net proceeds are donated to the club... tickets won't cost much, $5 - 10 max. we're still budgeting.).

The Steam Whistle Blast Off Beer Blast is our kick-off party. Apparently there's laws against offering and advertising free beer. We're not going to break any laws. However, those who come earliest will be rewarded to the full extent legally possible. We CAN advertise free spacemosas (they're space samosas... okay, they're regular samosas, but they're delicious!), live music, and parrises squares sign-ups. Come early!

The afternoon portion of the event starting at 3 pm includes panels, several games, guest speakers, and crafts. This year will include a special demonstration of Klingon ceremonies and rituals by the Klingon Assault Group. In the evening, the event becomes a showcase of local actors, musicians and comedians, all performing Star Trek-related material. Romulan Ale is free flowing and plentiful. Tribbles abound. Participation in the day time games and discussions is easy and very encouraged.

This year's showcase line-up is looking incredible, much like last year's, which included a diverse cross-section of local groups and acts, such as acclaimed Toronto comedy troupe The Sketchersons, the Klingon Assault Group, musical acts such as Henri Faberge and the Adorables, Woodhands, The Vulcan Dub Squad, Ontario Power Generation, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Basement Arms, Laura Barrett, Gravity Wave, Garbage! Violence! Enthusiasm!, The Incidentals and many more.

Schedule Outline (full details coming in mid-August)

1-3 The Steam Whistle Blast Off Beer Blast
3-6 Games, Panels, Lectures, Klingons
6-8 Dinner break / Charity Casino / Lots more
8-12 The Music + Comedy Showcase

This Year's Showcase Bands / Artists:

The Bicycles
Laura Barrett
Green Go
the Vulcan Dub Squad
the Rural Alberta Advantage
Mackenzie King (formerly ontario power generation)
the Gravity Wave
the Cheap Speakers
Dwight Schenk (basement arms)
Tetris Hold'em
Jason Doell (ex vulcan dub squad)
the Klingon Assault Group
T'Potts with Commander Dovercourt

This year's comedy line-up:

Kathleen Phillips
Alana Johnston & Inessa Frantowski
Andy Hull
Adam Cawley
Micheal Balazo
Norm Sousa
Aaron Eves.

About the Tranzac:

The Tranzac is a non-profit member supported community organization with a focus on promoting arts, music and theatre. The TRANZAC (an abbreviation of Toronto Australia New Zealand Club) also works to promote and support Australian and New Zealand culture in Toronto.

The Tranzac is open to the public and is home to music and community theatre most nights of the week in our intimate Southern Cross Lounge and our larger Main Hall both with bar service. The Main Hall features a curtained stage and a professional sound system.

As a community member based organization the Tranzac relies upon the support of dedicated volunteers to remain active and operational. We encourage you to contact us become part of the Tranzac community, as a member or a volunteer in one of Toronto's most vibrant and exciting cultural spaces.