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(Subject to Change...)

1-3 - The Steam Whistle Blast Off Beer Blast!

* Try Steam Whistle's new Romulan Pilsner! A Steam Whistle Beer Sampling...
* Free Spacemosas - They work just like normal samosas, but you can use them upside down so they're great for zero G.
* Intimate performances by Dan Werb and Laura Barrett.
* Brain-controlled games brought to us by InteraXon, including a faithful reproduction of the game from the classic Star Trek: TNG episode "The Game" - use your thoughts to control the game!!!! Just try not to get brainwashed and turn evil...
* Mackenzie King reprise their INCREDIBLE performance from last year's FestiCon

3-6 - The [un]Convention

* Panel Discussion - "Am I a Borg?" moderated by Misha Glouberman
Most "evil technology becoming intelligent and taking over" sci fi
scenarios are about robots or computers turning evil and attacking
their masters (2001, The Matrix, Terminator, Battlestar Galactica,
etc.). The Borg are different in that the technology and the master
have fused; they've merged through a method that seems more akin to
evolution than attack. But how did they get there? Are we on the path
to becoming the Borg?

* Panel Discussion - "Is Commander Chakotay Osama Bin Laden?" moderated by Guinan
How much are the Maquis like Al Qaeda? Do terrorists receive
consistent treatment by the Federation? And does the future respond to
terrorism any better than we do today?

* A fascinating lecture by David Dineen Porter
* Demonstration of Klingon Ceremonies and Rituals by the Klingon Assault Group
* Bat'Leth demonstration by last year's Bat'Leth tournament champion, Ranbir Gundu
* The Parrises Squares Tournament

6-8 - IDIC of spacefun

* The 1st Ever Ferengi Charity Casino for Hoomons featuring Dabo and Tongo
* Star Trek Trivia
* Star Trek craft making with the Toronto Church of Craft
* Pin the Toupee on the Shatner
* Toronto premiere screening of TNG fan film "Chains of Betrayal"

8pm - The Showcase hosted by Holly Prazoff


The Bicycles
Laura Barrett
Green Go
the Vulcan Dub Squad
the Rural Alberta Advantage
Mackenzie King (formerly Ontario Power Generation)
the Gravity Wave
the Cheap Speakers
Dwight Schenk (basement arms)
Tetris Hold'em
Jason Doell and the Bionic Zombies (members of Owle Bird, Full Speed Velocipede, Mandibles and the Unionist Ministers)
the Klingon Assault Group
T'Potts with Commander Dovercourt


Kathleen Phillips
Alana Johnston & Inessa Frantowski
Andy Hull
Adam Cawley
Michael Balazo
Norm Sousa
Aaron Eves.
"Ask Guinan" starring Guinan